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Professional extremely long timelapse shooting system


Powerful corporate controller TBS v5

The heart of the Timebox timelapse camera is a proprietary unique hardware-and-software suite TBS v5 (Timebox System). A powerful Linux-based platform allows easily solving any creative problem. TBS v5 is responsible for managing the camera, ensures uploading photos to the Internet, monitoring the state of equipment, and remote editing the settings of timelapse shooting (timelapse shooting mode). All components of the controller are tailored to operate at extreme temperatures from -40 to +65.

High-speed pictures uploading via 4G/Wi-Fi/LAN

Adjust Timebox remotely, watch the camera update status, and instantly receive full resolution photos via connecting the camera to 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or LAN networks.

Simultaneous shooting and uploading photos in RAW and Jpeg formats

Timebox allows simultaneous capturing in JPEG and RAW; at the same time, an individual schedule may be set for each type of shooting. For the purposes of online monitoring, shooting in JPEG may be set up in the extended range from 6 AM to 8 PM, and shooting in RAW is best performed with the Sun position from 10 AM to 3 PM. While JPEG photos are immediately sent to the Timebox server, RAW photos are sent to the local storage (an SSD or an SD card).

Connecting external large capacity SSD and SD cards

The TBS v5 controller allows connecting a large capacity 2.5 SSD drive or SD card for local storage of JPEG or RAW files for the entire duration of the project. For example, when shooting in RAW with the resolution of 24 MPx every 10 minutes from 8-00 to 18-00, a 512 GB storage should be sufficient for about 426 days of shooting.

IP 65 standard all-weather housing with optical warmed up glass

The housing made of fiberglass-reinforced ABS plastic reliably protects the device from the weather, and the unique areal warmed glass will let you not worry about the quality of the image in the winter.

Powered by solar panels or from 220 V mains

Timebox has 2 power supply options: Powering from 220 V mains. In this case, photos are instantly sent to the Timebox server, and the camera remains online 24 hours a day. The average power consumption of this mode is about 10 W⋅h. Powered from 50 W solar panels and a 12 V gel battery with the capacity of 33 A⋅h. In this case, Timebox switches to the power-saving mode, and can operate on the battery without charging from the solar panels charge for over 30 days, until solar activity is restored.

Emergency warning system in case of power outage and equipment failure

Timebox constantly monitors serviceability of all its components and in the case of, e.g., camera hanging, tries using all available means to recover the system performance. In case of a critical fault, the system notifies the user via SMS, e.g., if the SD card is filled, or the camera power supply has been cut off, you will always remain aware of the current Timebox status and will be able to take necessary measures.

Camera location and unauthorized access tracking system

The camera is fitted with a GPS tracker, and in case of unauthorized access to the camera, starts sending GPS coordinates to the user.

Online access to photos and camera settings

Our timelapse camera has a convenient and functional web interface and a mobile app for quick and easy access to photos and camera settings. You can grant your customers access to your personal account with a photo archive for online monitoring of the construction site. All information from your Timebox Camera will be stored on dedicated servers with high level of protection.

Regular software updates

The Timebox team is constantly working on improving camera software, adding new features, and providing support for new camera models. Updates are downloaded via the Internet, so you don't have to worry about the relevance of your Timebox's software.



A powerful industrial Linux based microcomputer, an industrial LTE modem (up to 150 Mbps downloading and up to 50 Mbps uploading) with the MIMO technology, GPS/Glonass positioning, 1хUSB2.0, LAN 100Mbps, 2.5/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, SATA, SD card slot

The list of supported cameras is constantly updated.

Nikon D3200, Nikon D3300, Nikon D3400
Canon 100D, Canon 2000D, Canon 60D
The list of supported cameras is constantly updated. Contact us to learn about support for other cameras.

Shooting interval

Adjustable from 7 seconds to 1 day between photos. For long continuous shooting and unloading, the minimum recommended interval is 5 minutes during the daylight hours only. For the simultaneous shooting and uploading mode with the interval of less than 5 minutes, AC power is required.


IP 66 standard all-weather housing is completely protected from ingress of water (without immersion)

Sight glass

An optical glass with 18 W areal heating

Power supply

The main battery is 12 V 33 A*h with GEL technology, the backup battery is 6 V 2.8 A*h, a 50 W polycrystalline solar panel, and 110/220 V AC mains power supply.


32 GB SD card; optional SATA SSD or SD high capacity card (for storing RAW images).

Dimensions (mm)

Housing (including the visor, the handle and the swing head): 250 (width) x 300 (depth) x 280 (height)
Solar panel (including a bracket and a battery pack): 550(W) x 510(D) x 250(H)


Box 1 - Housing and the bracket (without camera and lenses): 10 kg
Box 2 - Solar panel: 10 kg

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Feedback from our customers

We are glad that we made a choice to the Timebox Camera and found the most comfortable solution for organizing timelapse shooting. First of all, we were attracted by a unique technology that provides the possibility of remote monitoring of construction site and remote control of the device. With the help of the Timebox Сamera, we have successfully implemented several projects not only in Russia, but also abroad. Thank you to the Timebox team for a quality product and excellent service.

Pavel Gladunov
Мanaging director of PRO-TV LLC, Saint Petersburg

Our company had a specific task to make a timelapse movie about the object that had been in motion for several weeks. The Timebox company managed to provide an excellent solution for shooting and also reciprocated on the issue of the rental period, which helped us out a lot. In terms of delivery and technical maintenance, the guys their best foot forward and proved to be professionals in their field. Now our project is in the process of implementing, and we are sincerely glad to have the equipment and technologies provided by Timebox team.

Golosov Mikhail Valeryevich
Head of project logistics at ISS Global Solutions, Moscow

Thank you for the services rendered to the Timebox company. Once again, I would like to point at the distinctive features of the company, such as: individual approach, quick decision-making, professionalism and the never-ending sense of responsibility.

Mikhail Leonov
Head of ANO Russia-2018 Steering Committee separate division in Kazan

Promptness of decision-making, clarity and accuracy in performing tasks, 24/7 support, technology that is unique for the Russian market, and convenient access to the footage - all these are prerequisites of success of the most complex and unusual projects! Timebox, thank you for the wonderful result!

Ilya Kozhukhov
Chief cameraman of TV Center Answers to questions

Timebox Camera is definitely the best timelapse system available today. We were lucky to be one of the first and regular customers of the company. On behalf of the King of Media, we would like to say thank you to the Timebox team for new opportunities in video production and the unique product.

Roman Korolev
The Head of King of Media

I have been working together with the guys from Timebox Camera not for the first year – they work explicitly and coherently, and they do everything to get the best results. High-quality product and high professionalism of the team guarantee the success of all the projects, even the most complex ones. I wish the team to keep being successful and professional growth.

Kokhan Piotr

We have been using the Timebox camera service for timelapse shooting at our clients ' sites for several years. I can confidently say that the Timebox team consists of true professionals who are ready to promptly solve any problems that arise during the implementation of projects. If you need a high-quality timelapse content and excellent service, then Timebox Camera is the best solution. I wish the company success and prosperity.

Shantalinskaya E. E
Deputy director of "RECLOUD LLC"

Our company is one of the first clients of Timebox Camera and we have already been cooperating for several years, performing equipment mounting and ongoing support on site. The development of Timebox perfectly solves the timelapse shooting tasks for our clients. The reliability of this company is confirmed by more than two years of uninterrupted shooting on several sites. Timebox specialists professionally select equipment for each object and provide prompt and regular service support.

Alexander Platonov
Director of “TSK Vita LLC”, Samara.

To work with Timebox Company is very convenient. They quickly answer to my questions about mounting, maintenance and shipment of cameras. Timebox is ideal solution for long-term timelapse shooting. While camera is working away and on high location, I can watch the progress online. This is very useful because you don’t need to climb to the camera every time to check whether it works or not.

Daniyar Kyzykenov
“80/20 The new media” director, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

I was pleased that it is easy and fast to coordinate working conditions with Timebox, they create all enabling conditions to satisfy the client, promptly responding to requests. The conditions in which the camera was installed were quite specific: a dark place, constant production, lack of a stable Internet signal, but Timebox specialists were able to find a solution and configure the equipment for us. For now, the camera has been shooting our object for more than six months, everything is working excellent.

Latypov Ildar Kamilevich
Project Manager of OPU-30

The guys proved to be professionals in their field - they were constantly in touch, consulted us in the evening and at night, at the end of the work shift, and when we could not fix the problem ourselves, they sent a master who fixed everything (it turned out that the problem was not in the equipment, but in the quality of the mobile operator's communication). Now the equipment works 24/7, stably, without interference and communication interruptions. Excellent cooperation, we recommend Timebox company as reliable partners.

Damir Gaifullin
General Producer www.arbatmedia.com

We are grateful for cooperation with Timebox. The guys from the company quickly solve the issues that arise during the shooting process. We have rented Timebox Pro systems for shooting short-term objects, also we bought these systems for projects with a longer duration - and in all cases we are satisfied with the result. Individual approach to each client is obvious and pleasant. Thank you for listening to your clients’ wishes.

Nikolay Bagnok
Technical specialist of the company "Gelendzhik-2035"

We are very glad that we chose your company. In our business, you can not miss any detail in the process of shooting in any weather. And in this regard, the Timebox Pro system helps us very much even at -45С degrees. Photos are received consistently, and if there are problems with the power supply, an SMS-notification from the system immediately warns us about it, then we fix the problems. Impressions of the camera are only positive. We look forward to further cooperation with you.

Samvel G. Yezoyan
Specialist of Roscosmos

When making a decision to shoot an long-term timelapse of the construction of a new passenger terminal at Khabarovsk International Airport, we selected from several options and never once regretted that we chose the Timebox company. We got help in searching the optimal shooting points and prompt technical support, well-thought-out technology and convenient access to the footage. The reliability of the system is confirmed by 18 months of uninterrupted shooting in severe weather conditions in the Russian Far East. We highly commend the Timebox team for their excellent professional work.

Yuri Kondratchik
General Director of Khabarovsk International Airport JSC

Timebox company offered us a range of services for the implementation of our project. The impression of cooperation is definitely positive, because Timebox understands that our kind of projects are focused on the long term, while the contracting authority needs one partner for the entire project period and for all types of work – from installation of equipment to carry out b-roll shooting and mounting. A serious advantage of Timebox is its comprehensive approach – at the time of signing the contract, we did not find comparable offers on the market.

Alexander Sapozhnikov
General Director of the Russian Crab GC

For continuous monitoring of the construction of a new modern plant with an area of 20.000 m2, we decided to take Timebox equipment. We were attracted by the technology for remote monitoring of construction and remote control of the device, unlimited cloud storage, 24/7 support, convenient access to the footage. The Timebox team is distinguished by clarity and efficiency in the implementation of tasks, which is the key to the success of such projects.

Stepanchuk Alexey Mikhailovich
Head of the development department of the enterprise at JLLC "PP Polesie"

Initially, we planned to carry out timelapse shooting using IP cameras. After considering this question, we realized that solutions based on video surveillance cameras do not reach the quality of shooting, service and convenience that Timebox has. Timebox LLC was chosen for its complete turnkey service and fast delivery times. It is also worth noting the high quality of shooting, working 24/7 in all weather conditions, and the convenience of the interface. We are satisfied with the excellent level of service provided by the company. We can safely recommend your company to our colleagues in construction industry.

Denis Kuzminov
Head of the Advertising Communication Department at Dekra Construction