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System abilities.

What is the quickest shooting and uploading periodicity?

Timebox mini

With a good cellular network, Timebox can capture and upload photos every minute, but this will be limited by the device’s charging mode and data transfer cost


Timebox Pro

With a good cellular network, Timebox can capture and upload photos every minute, but this will be limited by the device’s charging mode and data transfer costs.


For short periods Timebox can shoot  as quickly as every 10 seconds. The upload of photographs will be fulfilled during the daytime. In case of immediate sending of photographs to the server the minimal frequency of shooting is 1 shot per minute.


Maximum speed is only possible under these conditions:

* Photographs are uploaded at the end of each shooting (at 5-second intervals).

* The unit has enough internal memory (for batch uploads of photos).

* The unit has a reasonable data plan and time to upload the large amount of photographs every day.

* The device has a stabilized power supply for continuous operation.

As a general guideline, with a long-term timelapse for more than six months, one photo for every 10-30 minutes will provide more than enough photographs to produce a final timelapse movie with reasonable length.

For a more detailed information about intervals, please read our article on this topic.

Can I use Timebox Camera 24/7?

Yes, as long as the system has a stable power supply that allows it to take and upload pictures at night. If the intervals are fast, even a solar panel cannot provide enough energy to take photos 24/7 continuously.

Can I use video streaming mode on the Timebox?

Timebox cameras do not possess a video streaming function.

What is the difference between a CCTV camera and the Timebox camera?

CCTV cameras are often used for safety purposes as surveillance and tracking equipment. They are usually located on specific positions to cover high-risk areas, entrance points and corridors. The cameras are used to catch unforeseen activity and they often perform low quality video sequence which is being captured 24/7 or triggered by any movement on the site.

Timelapse cameras are used for controlling planned construction activities, project management reporting, progress tracking and creating marketing materials, ads, promo movies etc. They are designed to produce best quality photographs at regular intervals throughout the activity. They are used to create high-resolution movies, marketing resources or allow users to be as close as possible to the object of shooting and show the construction activities for project management aims.

Product information.

What is included in the price when buying the Timebox Pro?

Standard Timebox Pro kit package:

* 4G controller and camera cables (to pair the camera with an intervalometer)

*32 GB of SD flash memory

* Weatherproof housing with visor, IP66 protection class.

* Three-axis rotary head ( pan, tilt and horizon)

* Universal bracket for mounting on any surface.

* External combo antenna (4G / Wi-Fi, GPS).

* Sealed Ethernet connector.

* Heated glass.

* Backup battery (12 V, 0.8 A)

* 220 W power supply (3 meter cable)


Software included:

* Monthly maintenance and subscription to the photo gallery (for changing settings and managing Timebox devices, as well as uploading, storing, and displaying photos). Additional charges apply.

* Timelapse generator with on-demand or at a specific time video creation.


Separately purchased:

* Canon and Nikon cameras (price on request)

* Canon, Nikon, Sigma lenses (price on request)

What is included in the price when buying the Timebox Mini?

“All-inclusive” equipment package.

* Matrix Sony EXMOR RS with resolution:

– 13 mpx.

– 4224 x 3200 pixels.

– lens capture angle of 60 degrees.

* Technical 4G modem.

* Dual-band Wi-Fi module (2.4 GHz / 5GHz).

* SD card with 32GB of memory.

* Weatherproof housing, IP66 protection class.

* 10W solar panel or external power supply unit. Up to two months of autonomous work, with a photo interval of every 10 minutes, when shooting 12 hours a day.

* Heated glass.

* Built-in lithium-titanate battery 12V 4.5 A.

(-30 to +60 degrees Celsius charging/discharging).

* Universal bracket for mounting on any surface.

Software included:

* Monthly maintenance and subscription to the photo gallery (for changing settings and managing Timebox devices, as well as uploading, storing, and displaying photos). Additional charges apply.

* Timelapse generator with on demand or at a specific time video creation.

What are the ongoing costs of using the device?

Monthly maintenance and subscription to the photo gallery costs from 2999 to 4999 rubles (from 50 to 80 dollars) per month.

You will also need a mobile data plan for the Timebox camera to connect to the Internet to upload photos and update the device status.

What is included in the monthly service and subscription to the photo gallery?

Constant assistance from our large technical support team.

Using our web application and mobile apps for iOS and Android that will allow you to:

* Set the intervals of photos and download options.

* View device status

* Set up user accounts and install those who can view and configure your devices.

* Manage photo storage settings.

* To generate a timelapse video (it’s free!).

* Unlimited storage of photos and videos from all your cameras.

* Weather information on the photo.

Do I need to pay for monthly maintenance and a photo gallery subscription when the device is not in use?

No. The monthly service fee and subscription fee for the photo gallery will only be charged if the camera is active.

How does the Timebox cloud service work?

  1. You can set up your Timebox camera using our web application.
  2. You take photos of the necessary material with Timebox.
  3. The Timebox controller connects to our server to upload photos and status logs. It loads any new configuration parameters.
  4. Photos uploaded to our server are then displayed in your photo gallery.
  5. Your clients can view your photos in the photo gallery.

What technical support is available?

You can be sure of quick communication and assistance from our large technical support team at any time.

Timebox can be configured to alert you via email and / or SMS when your camera is not working properly for some reason, or when, for example, your photo storage space is almost full, or the voltage on your device has suddenly dropped. You can use these warnings to troubleshoot problems or send a request to our support team.

Why Timebox Pro is better than GoPro cameras?

The main advantages of Timebox Pro over GoPro:

  1. Image resolution. GoPro cameras have a maximum resolution of 4K. We usehigher resolution cameras for different purposes.
  2. The quality of optics and matrix. GoPro is an action camera and its picture quality has a number of limitations. Timebox uses professional cameras that are focused on getting high quality pictures. We use high-quality optics and SLR cameras, which provide higher image quality and photo resolution. Cameras have a large matrix, and are capable of shooting at night/during the day with a large dynamic range (without too noisyimage).
  3. The ability to shoot in RAW format. This format is for those who want to have a better picture for professional purposes.
  4. The ability to work on a schedule. GoPro cameras have a time-lapse function, in which user needs to specify the interval of photos, and the camera starts taking photos without interruption, despite the fact that in the evening certain jobs do not need to be shot. Timebox has the ability to shoot on a schedule. In the settings, a client can select the shooting interval, as well as specify the shooting time. For example, from 7:00 to 20:00. In other words, the Timebox system allows the camera to operate only when it really needs to.
  5. Image control. Long time-lapse shooting involves installing the camera for along time. The advantage of Timebox cameras is that each client can watch the shooting process at any time of the year, anywhere in the world from its personal account. Unlike GoPro cameras, a personal account allows you to monitor the work process, the quality of the picture and the operation of the device at any time, and photos of the GoPro camera can be seen only after it is removed from the installation site, that is, at the last moment.
  6. The durability of the device. The Timebox system allows clients to shoot in any weather. In severe frosts, the glass of the chamber will be heated and thereby de-iced.
Cloud storage and project management integration.

Where will my images be stored?

  • Images obtained using Timebox are temporarily saved on the SD card before being sent to Timebox servers.
  • Timebox Pro can be configured to copy photos to an external SSD connected to the controller.
  • Images are downloaded and held on our servers for display in your photo gallery.
  • Additionally, the Timebox web gallery can be deployed on your servers, and photos from cameras will be sent directly to your servers, bypassing the Timebox servers. Charges apply.

Learn how to calculate the estimated data usage for a long construction time-out in this article.

How do I access photos taken by Timebox Camera?

* You can see images online using the web gallery.

* Selective downloading of photos takes place through your photo gallery.

* Batch download of photos is possible via FTP-Timebox server.

* For devices with limited Internet access, photos can be saved to an external SSD connected to the controller. In this case, you will sometimes need to go to the location of the device to manually upload and delete photos from the disk before the memory is full.

* For devices that shoot in RAW format or at fast intervals, photos can be saved to an external SSD connected to the controller. In this case, you will need to manually upload and delete photos from the disk before the memory is full.

Can I use my own server instead of the Timebox server?

Correct work of Timebox cameras is possible only in conjunction with Timebox servers, which are responsible not only for storing photos, but also for receiving and processing status messages, remote management of Timebox cameras, generation of timelapse videos, etc.

If your security service requires you to upload photos to your servers, the Timebox cloud infrastructure can be deployed on your servers, and photos from cameras will be sent directly to your servers, bypassing the Timebox servers. Charges apply.

Is there a programming interface (API) in a Timebox?

Yes. Contact us for more information about our API and integration with your software.

How long are photos and time-lapse stored in an account?

Congratulations! All photos located in your Timebox account have unlimited storage time.

Internet connection.

Can I run Timebox offline without an Internet connection?

You can run the Timebox system in offline mode, but this is not recommended. You will not be able to remotely view the status of your units, receive notifications, or make changes to your settings. For more information about the work of the Timebox without Network, contact Support service.

What types of cellular network are supported by Timebox?

Timebox Pro and Timebox mini can work both via 3G and 4G (LTE) networks.

Can I use Timebox on Wi-Fi?

Yes, Timebox Pro can connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Timebox Mini can connect to both 2.4 GHz (b/g/n) and 5GHz (ac) wireless networks.

Can I use Timebox with a local network connection?

The Timebox Pro package includes an ethernet port.

Timebox mini does not support ethernet.

What mobile networks is Timebox camera compatible with?

Modems used in Timebox equipment pass all international standards and are supported in most networks that use SIM cards. If you have any doubts about your local network, please contact us to evaluate compatibility.

Information about the camera.

Does the Timebox come with a camera (and lens)?

Timebox Mini has a built-in non-removable camera and optics.

When buying Timebox Pro, we can help to choose and include a camera and lens in the price, or you can purchase your own equipment according to our recommendations. Check our camera compatibility list below to see if your camera is supported.

What cameras are supported by Timebox Pro?

For the year of 2020, our currently supported camera models are listed below. This list may change and be expanded as older models are no longer actively supported and new models are released.

Older camera models marked with* are not recommended for new projects, as they may not be supported for the duration of your project.

List of supported Nikon cameras:

  • D3200
  • D3300
  • D3400


List of supported Canon cameras:

  • 100D
  • 2000D
  • 60D

Can I use an unsupported camera with Timebox Pro?

Actually, we do not recommend using an unsupported camera, as we cannot guarantee that it will coordinate well with the Timebox Pro controller.

Cameras not listed above may work with the Timebox Pro controller, but they have not been tested or passed compatibility tests.

Contact the Sales Department to discuss your project requirements if you want to use an unsupported camera.

Is it possible to use a full-frame camera?

Yes, although we recommend using the APS-C camera for a number of good reasons.

The standard Timebox Pro housing is designed for APS-C cameras and cannot accommodate all combinations of full-frame cameras and lenses.

Read this article to learn what to consider when choosing the best camera and lens to make your long-term construction timelapse project incredible.

Can I use a camera with a variable focal length lens (zoom lens)?

The standard Timebox Pro case can accommodate an average APS-C zoom lens, but other lenses may be too long.

Contact us to discuss the details and requirements of your project.

Will the housing window interfere with photos from a wide-angle lens?

* The 10 mm wide-angle lens is suitable when using the APS-C sensor.

* The edges of the 10 mm wide-angle lens window will be visible in the field of view when using a full-frame sensor.

* When using a fisheye lens, there may be a significant obstacle in the form of a housing window that will be visible in the frame.

Can I shoot in RAW format?

Timebox Mini does not support RAW format.

Timebox Pro supports shooting in RAW format, but the photo gallery cannot display images in this format. You can set your device to capture both JPEG and RAW formats at the same time, allowing your clients to view JPEG in the photo gallery, and RAW photos will be saved for later use. The device can be configured to download only JPEG, RAW along with JPEG, or only RAW formats.

Before shooting in RAW format, keep in mind that RAW files usually take up 20 MB+ per file, and therefore it will be much more expensive and time-consuming to upload files over the network. We recommend holding RAW files on the SSD on the device itself, because they can be manually copied or replaced while simultaneously uploading JPEG files for display to clients. Alternatively, with Timebox Pro, an Ethernet cable can be used for transmission over a LAN and avoid the high cost of transmitting data over 4G.

Learn more about JPEG and RAW in this video and article.

Can I change my camera settings remotely? (exposure / focus, etc)

The main settings of the Timebox Pro camera can be changed remotely via the Timebox personal account:




– image quality and resolution

The specificity of timelapse shooting involves using manual focus mode, so the focus cannot be changed remotely.


Timebox Mini has a simplified control of the camera module, which allows you to change the following parameters:

– image quality and its resolution

– white balance

Which lens can be used with mechanical and electronical focusing?

During long term time lapse it is assumed that the focus should not be shifted but should be focused at fixed point. Using electronically focused lenses has no mechanical connection with the focus ring. It means that focus may shift.

We DON’T RECOMMEND using lenses with electronical focusing.

We recommend using lenses with a mechanical link between the focus ring and the optics.

Housing, parts and mounting.

Can I purchase only the housing of Timebox?

No, we don’t sell the Timebox housing as a stand-alone product.

What size camera does the Timebox Pro housing can fit?

To fit inside the Timebox Pro case, the camera and lens together must be no longer than 150 mm. If you would like to use something larger, contact the sales department.

How weather-resistant is the housing?

All our housings are rated IP66 (NEMA 4X), which is the most weatherproof (when not completely submerged in water).

Can I buy only a controller (intervalometer) by itself?

No, the controller is not sold separately.

What power options are available for Timebox?

Timebox Mini is equipped with a 10W solar panel.

Timebox Pro is not equipped with a solar panel

As addition, you can order an electronic power supply.

For heavy – duty outdoor use, we have an external battery case that you can use with a 12-volt sealed lead-acid battery or gel battery (not included). We recommend using the battery in situations where:

  1. Solar power is available, but there not much daylight in winter.
  2. A strict shooting mode is required, and there is no access to electricity (for example, you need to shoot for many hours and / or a high shooting frequency).
  3. There is no access to solar or electric power (for example, a project running underground).

Can I use my own components or parts to work with? (solar panel / battery / external storage, etc)

We strongly recommend you to not to use your own components, as we cannot provide warranty protection for equipment that was not purchased from us.

If the Timebox you purchased is returned under warranty, and the reason is an unoriginal part, delivery and repair will be charged.

What is the maximum internal storage capacity?

The internal memory allows you to save photos on the device itself if there are problems with the connection and the captured photos can not be immediately uploaded via the Network. So that, you always have an extra buffer if, for example, the Internet suddenly turns off or there are troubles with the SIM card.

With Timebox Pro, you can shoot at fast intervals and take photos in RAW format which you can upload manually from your device to avoid high data transfer costs.

  • Timebox Mini has built-in 64 GB memory on a microSD card.
  • In standard kit Timebox Pro has 64 GB of internal memory on a USB drive.
  • The Timebox Pro Premium kit comes with a 500 GB SSD.

Learn how to calculate the estimated data usage for a long construction time-out in this article.

How to install Timebox on a place?

The most common option is to mount the device to a pole nearby or directly at the project site. Your device will come with a bracket, clamps and bolts. Depending on where you are installing, you may need to rent a scissor lift or other equipment to install in hard-to-reach places.

For additional installation recommendations, contact the sales department to discuss the details of the project.

Can you suggest other options of the camera installation, in addition to brackets for pole?

No. You will need to assemble or purchase your own mounting parts, if you have specific requirements for this or we can advise you on various options. Contact the sales department to discuss the needs and requirements of your project.

Do you sell poles for installation?

No, we do not sell poles for installation of Timebox camera.

At what temperature does the camera work?

Timebox cameras have positive experience in Siberia at -42 * C (-44* F) and Europe at a temperature of + 45 * C (113* F)

How much power has the camera consume?

During operation, the Timebox Pro and Timebox Mini cameras are always on.

Maximum power consumption:

  • Timebox Pro: 5 Wt/hour ( 0,005 kWt/hour)
  • Timebox Mini: 0,5 Wt/hour (0,0005 kWt/hour)
Payment and delivery.

How can I pay for a product or service in Timebox?

We send you an agreement for the purchase or service of Timebox. You can pay the invoice from your company or personal account. We do not accept cash.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, you will need an additional payment. When placing an order, payment options and the amount of the margin will be indicated.

Can I set up automatic payment for monthly services?

This service is currently under development.

But we have made discounts for you up to 40% per year, when paying for an online account and hosting.

How much will delivery cost?

Delivery in Moscow is free. In other cases, it is negotiated depending on the geographical location of the camera trasportation.

Сколько будут стоить таможня, пошлины и налоги?

Customs duties and taxes vary depending on country.

To find out what customs duties and taxes are in your country, use this calculator or contact your local customs department for having more information.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We usually ask customers to expect to receive the Timebox within two weeks of payment for production and shipment.

If you contact us, place an order and pay for it immediately, we can plan the preparation of your equipment in advance, and it often takes much less time to send it.

After shipment, our couriers usually deliver the equipment within 3-5 business days. We cannot take responsibility for how long it may take for Timebox equipment to pass through local customs, so please contact your local customs office for more information.

Renting and reselling.

Can I rent a Timebox Camera?

Yes, we lease Timebox equipment.

You can consider renting if:

– Your project is shorte`r than 6 months.

– You only have one project at a time.

– You are just a beginner in the field of timelapse and this is your first job.

Renting is not cost-effective if your project will last more than 10 months.

What is the provisional cost of renting a Timebox?

We request an advance payment for equipment, payment for delivery, and 1 month of advance payment for monthly rent. Fill in the online calculator specifying the number of cameras that you are interested in and get an instant calculation to the email address you specified.

Do I need to insure my rental device?

We do not insure rented equipment, so we recommend adding equipment to your regular insurance. If the equipment is damaged or stolen, you will be responsible for the full retail cost.

Do you have a distributor in my country?

We have offices in Russia and Belarus, and in addition, we usually do not work through resellers. Because we offer ongoing service, we prefer to personally develop relationships with all of our customers, rather than working through other people.

Instead of distributors, we work with partner companies that use Timebox equipment to provide services in the construction industry (or other industries). To learn more about the partnership, you can download our e-book on how to develop a long-term timelapse business.

Can I become a distributor?

We are always interested in learning about business opportunities around the world. We usually avoid reselling for the reasons outlined above, but we will be glad to talk to photographers and producers who are interested in building a business with Timebox.

Technical issues

What do the SMS messages sent to the phone from Timebox camera mean?

During the working process of Timebox Pro, the camera sends SMS messages about its status. You can find out more about each meaning of SMS messages by following this link.

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