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Construction timelapse: Presentation for clients

Are you a newbie in the long-term construction timelapse?

Would you like to surprise customers and get a lot of projects?

Learn how to do this by reading our Guide. Inside it we will consider:

  • How to learn to think primarily as a businessman, and not just a creative person.
  • How to determine who will control your work and how to identify his needs.
  • How to adapt the project presentation to the marketing department and
  • How to adapt a presentation for a project manager.

Let’s go ahead!

First of all, think like a businessman.

Often, photographers explain to clients the advantages of a long-term timelapse from a creative point of view.

But, most of the clients are businessmen and are looking for practical benefits.

You can explain the nuances of dynamic range or frame blending to potential clients.

But, unfortunately, they will not listen to you.

You can offer them premium creative content with high productive value.

But, usually clients do not realize why it is worth its price.

Often clients will have doubts about why it is more profitable for them to use your services, and not to turn to people who will make such a project cheaper than you.

Therefore, you need to have an idea about the presentation of your work from an economic point of view, because the creative part of it is secondary for most of the clients.

Get inside Your client’s head.

Being a business minded person means being able to identify the needs, desires, and pain points of your clients.

You will need to state the advantages, not just the features of your construction timelapse.

Features are actual information about what your services represent.

Benefits are information about how your services make life better.

The presentation for the marketing department will be different from the presentation for the project Manager.

Explain how your job will solve their problems.

Explain that they have found a tool missing from their set.

But how do you know that you are solving important questions with the right person or department?

Defining the person whose decision is the main one and his (their) needs.

Who is the chief or decision-maker? Who gives the final verdict on whether to hire your services?

Keep in mind that the person making the decisions and the person you will present your service may not always be the same.

You can make an exciting presentation of your services to the marketing department. This will make a lasting impression on them.

But now they need to convince the project manager that this is a worthwhile investment.

And the project Manager has a completely different set of needs, problems, and fears.

What seems meaningful and profitable for the marketing department may seem unnecessary to the project manager.

Clients are people, and people are driven by fear and ambition.
Is the decision maker a pessimist or an optimist?

Do they solve quistions in terms of negating risks or increasing opportunities?

What aspect of the project is the decision maker focused on?

Business, marketing, construction, or a combination of these three factors?

Everyone believes that their work is the most important work. And their duties are more difficult.

So that, whatever aspect of the project the customer is focused on…

…collect all the advantages of your service in this niche!

Newbie’s 10 mistakes in construction timelapse that photographers should avoid.

How to present a project to the sales department?

The sales department is interested in the economically profitable value of your construction timelapse.

“Will this give us new, useful material for our archive of marketing resources?”

“Will this make our company more attractive to stakeholders and investors?”

“Will this create more marketing opportunities for us?”

And of course, you and your team should answer ” Yes!” to all these questions.

The marketing value of a construction timelapse may involve (but is not limited to):

  • Storage of hundreds or thousands of photographs from each stage of the project
  • Built-in photo link for customers’ website, which is periodically updated with the most recent photo.
  • Usage of an automatic time slot generator to quickly create content on your own.
  • Regular releases of mini-videos in timelapse for showing to shareholders and interested consumers at monthly meetings.
  • Link to the web gallery, which can be shared in social networks and messengers.
  • The final, perfected timelapse video of the complete construction.

Most of the company’s sales departments eagerly grasp such resources.

The definition of what your service is providing these resources will have to win the hearts and advertised by word of mouth.

Show the advantages of these resources.

Words that can express this:

“My timelapse service will give you access to an archive of high-quality photos and media content that you can use in your advertising media.”

“Impress consumers and shareholders with an incredible presentation of your work and show them how progress is being made.”

“You can easily access and share content in seconds, so you’re always ready to present your business!”

“Use the timelapse generator to easily create attractive videos.”

“My services are a great way to present yourself as a professional and interested in business development.”

Presentation for project managers (supervisors).

Let’s go back to the project managers, we mean, the bosses…

…be prepared that they are much less interested in the marketing significance of timelapse shooting.

Project managers are pragmatic people in a rather stressful role.

They want to know the practical value of your services.

“Will this service help me avoid risks or reduce them?”

“Will it make my work less stressful or reduce my workload?”

“Even if it helps me with the first two, is it worth it?”

If the project manager is the person who decides to work with you or not, useful features for them include:

  • Up-to-date site monitoring at any time and anywhere.
  • Photos are marked with time and contain information about the weather, temperature and wind speed.
  • Photo comparison tool.

Tell them about the benefits in a similar way:

“My construction timelapse services can make it easier to manage your project.

Up-to-date photos of the project site (construction) mean that you can track progress at any time and from any place, so you are able to not to worry, constantly being in touch and monitor the construction site and sleep peacefully.

Photos are time-marked and have detailed weather information, so you can easily use them to resolve legal disputes and hold subcontractors accountable (for example, if one of the employees was absent from the workplace)”

You can use the photo comparison tool to see project stages in sequence and track progress.

With my service, you don’t have to worry about your project, because you can get up-to-date information when you need it.”

The right presentation for your client

There is no single template that fits all. The presentation of services must always be adapted to each client individually.

To prepare an effective presentation, you must:

  • First of all, think like a businessman, and second- as a creative person.
  • Identify who is the person/people who make all the important decisions.
  • Find out their needs, desires, fears, problems and pain points (related to their project, of course)
  • Explain the benefits of working with them, not just the features, and how they will solve your client’s problems and wishes.

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