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Timebox timelapse system. What to choose: to rent or to buy?

Shooting a long-term timelapse needs preliminary planning and cost calculation, like any commercial project. As we know, effective cost optimization leads to increased revenue.

When you visit the Timebox website for the first time, you can ask yourself the question: “What is more suitable for me: buying or renting?” Right now we will help you to find the answer to this question.

First of all, you need to focus on how many months you plan to shoot timelapse project and what equipment you need.


You can rent a Timebox camera for any months. The rental is carried out on an all-inclusive basis. For a fixed amount, you get the Timebox itself with a microcontroller, a 24 MP camera, optics suitable for the project (standard or wide-angle), a SIM card + with monthly unlimited Internet traffic, access to your personal online account on your computer and your smartphone, an artistic arrangement of the timelapse movie in 4K video format and, if necessary, we will add SSD-drive up to 1TB or 2TB.

If necessary, our specialists can go to check your location, provide start-adjusting of the camera, service inspection or dismantling.

You can use our rental cost calculator. Enter the desired amount of months and Timebox cameras and instantly get the calculation to the specified email address. If necessary, our specialist will consult you for free.

Right now everything with the rent is clear to us, let’s talk about buying.


Buying the Timebox gives you the ability to shoot as much timelapses as you want. You can shoot the construction of a apartment complex for 4, 5 or more years, and then use Timebox for other projects. You will not have any limits, because Timebox will belong just to you.

When buying a Timebox, you can install your own camera in it or buy it from any store (list of supported cameras). You can also buy a camera from us. Although, it will cost a little more, when you buy a camera from us, we sell it under special convenient conditions. For example, if the camera breaks down, we will replace it with a new one.

In the case of buying a Timebox, the monthly expenses for the online cabinet and Internet traffic are paid by you. By the way, when buying from 3 Timeboxes, you will get a 10% discount.

Also, when buying Timebox, we offer a quick technical service. Soon we will release a video about this service, in which we will tell you in detail why it is needed and how it works. In a few words, regardless of the warranty period, we undertake all costs from the departure of a specialist in the event of a breakdown of any part, to the replacement of any detail.

When buying Timebox, as well as when renting, our specialists can go to inspect your location, provide start-adjusting of the system, service inspection or dismantling.

How do I choose between renting and buying?

Renting a Timebox makes sense, for projects that last less than 10 months. If your project lasts more than 10 months, in this case it is more profitable to buy a Timebox. It must be clear that when renting a Timebox at the end of the project, it will need to be returned, and in the case of its purchase, it will work on the current and subsequent projects.

However, renting is just the perfect solution for shooting for several months! Do you want to capture the demolition of a building, the construction of a highway, the renovation of a shopping center? Rent would me more convenient.

Let’s look at 2 cases:

  1. Ivan Mikhailovich builds a winery. He wants to capture this event, which will last 6 months. In the future, he is not going to use Timebox.
    Conclusion: It is ideal to rent the Timebox.
  2. Or, for example, Mikhail Ivanovich  – the owner of a construction company, during the 1st year he plans to shoot the construction of a residential complex, and after that, shoot the construction of new residential complexes.
    Conclusion: Buying the Timebox is what he needs.