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Timebox team

We help people create long time-lapse

The Timebox Camera Company was founded in January 2016 in Kazan. Thanks to the coordinated work of the team of engineers, product engineers, programmers, designers and other professionals, we have managed to bring to the Russia and CIS market our unique product – a professional Timebox camera for extremely long shooting. We well know our customers’ needs, since we started as a video production company. Every day we work on improving our product.

Azat Garifullin

Chief Executive Officer
(CEO) Co-founder

Rustem Valiev

Chief technical officer
(CTO) Co-founder

Dimitry Zakharov


Adelya Salimova

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Azaliya Abdrahmanova

Head of sales

Ranis Sagitov

Project Manager

Artyom Semyonov

Sales manager

Kseniia Pribytkova


Ilnar Khaibullin

Design engineer

Ruslan Fatikhov


Anton Ustinov

Video editor

Ekaterina Sidorocheva

Video editor

Elmira Gabdrakhmanova


Nikita Serov

Sales manager

Oleg Sobolev

Software developer

Eleazar Savva

Content manager

Renat Gimadutdinov


Alexey Spiridonov


It’s you


Vacancy on hh

We have automated the process of shooting time lapses, leaving the maximum control to you

In 2017, our team participated at the CINEMA PRODUCTION SERVICE 2017 annual international exhibition, where Timebox Camera was awarded the Best innovative product prize. This is a huge honor for each member of our big family. This award proves and shows that we are in demand, and we are doing an important job.

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