Technical support - Timebox Camera


We provide basic technical support from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 Moscow time.

If you have planned start-adjusting and you need help, please notify us 2 business days in advance by phone: +7 958 577-73-30

If photos are no longer updated in the Timebox online account within an hour and it seems that the system has stopped working, then first of all go through this checklist:

1. Check the latest sms-notifications from Timebox

Check the last status of the sent SMS and follow the recommendations. The meanings of service SMS messages and recommendations for their solution are here.

If the service SMS stopped coming, you need to call the SIM card number that is set in the Timebox.

The subscriber is temporarily unavailable

– the electricity is off at the moment

The subscriber is busy or there are short beeps

– means that the electricity is working, the equipment is turned on, the equipment is trying to connect to the Internet. If there are short beeps within an hour or the subscriber is busy, then the problem is on the provider’s side. Contact your provider.

The subscriber is blocked

– means blocking your number from the provider. Contact your provider.

2. Make sure that there is money on your account and the Internet traffic is updated at the moment.

3. Make sure that the system is connected to the 220V power grid.

If you have another problem please contact us by filling out the form

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